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People in general are cruel to one another. The only way to have fun to them is to make fun of someone. I hate that. Why can't someone be different? Why can't someone be themselves without being made fun of? I hate society because of how they judge people and how everything is based on looks and shit. I'm sorry but I'm not a jerk to others. So be nice or go f**k yourself. Life doesnt suck, people suck,
the world aint bad, people are bad but you know what? I dont follow the people, I do my own thing! It's not about 'making it.' It's about rocking your own world, no matter how big or how small. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. I rock, therefore I am. Find Your Voice.
Name Nathalie
Gender Female
Age 35
Location Durham, ENG
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Interested in Both
Status In a relationship
Interests graphic design, music, playing instruments, singing, writing, languages, horses
Quotes Even if there's a high wall in my way, I'm not stopping. I'll break it down and go on towards my dreams!


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very nice page!!

By JMaisonlilhouse on Dec 7, 2008 12:24 am · History


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